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Old Forge Dairy LLC

Handcrafted Cheese


Old Forge Dairy is a small, family owned cheese producer located in Kent, Ohio. We make a variety of aged cheeses with raw milk sourced from a local, pastured herd.
All of our cheeses are aged on beechwood boards cut from the timber of our own farm. Continue reading below to learn more about our local artisan cheese.

Raw Milk

Our cheese is made from milk that is unpasteurized and non-homogenized. We partner with farmers who are dedicated to producing clean, healthy milk for us to turn into a variety of mouth watering cheeses. Plus, raw milk contains beneficial bacteria that help us produce cheese with complex wonderful flavors.

In other words, "Get hammered with flavor!"

-John Oravets (a cheesy blacksmith)

Raw Whole Milk Farmstead Cheese
Pasture Cows Field Farm
Ohio Proud Grown Made in Ohio

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