Our Signature Cheeses

Aging Room Cheese


Firm textured with buttery, big, rich flavors. Often a little tangy in the middle & savory & more nutty towards the rind. Aged at least 12 months.

-Alfalfa Blossom-

Aged for 12 months, this is an Alpine base cheese with a tea of fresh alfalfa
blossoms mixed in the vat of milk, with additional flecks of the blossoms throughout.



This washed curd cheese is creamy & bright. Aged for several months or more.

-Gouda XO-

Aged for at least 18 months, this is our typical Gouda on steroids (not literally!) for a real punch of concentrated flavor & some bite. Somewhat harder in texture, with a slight crumble.


This whole milk tomme style cheese is creamy & packed with flavor. It is tangy with a cheddary bite. Typically aged around 9 months.


Think Asiago x Parmesan, this firm, salty cheese is nutty & versatile - perfect for grating, but not so hard that it can't be sliced.

-Clothbound Cheddar-

An English style cheddar, bound in natural cheesecloth & aged around one year. Smooth, complex flavors, often with savory & fruity notes.

-Clothbound Cheddar XO-

Our typical Clothbound Cheddar aged even longer for more intense flavors - at least 18-20 months.

-Veined Cheddar-

A slightly higher moisture Clothbound Cheddar with penicillium roqueforti
(blue mold) introduced to the curds, then the pressed cheeses are pierced with a skewer to allow the blue mold to develop & other cave molds as well.


Other varieties or variations on these types are sometimes available

(Sage Cheddar, Caraway Gouda, along with many others that we are continually
coming up with & testing out).

It is possible that we may sell out of a particular variety, or that there are slight
differences in the same style of cheese from one batch to another due to length
of aging, time of year—temperature, cows' diet, etc. We, however, always
guarantee deliciousness!